Friday, May 20, 2011

Senior Year

SEEENNNNNIIIIOOOORRRSSS !!!! Can’t believe today is the last full day of high school. We have complained all year about hating the school, the rules, the work, and just about everything possible. We claimed senioritis whenever our parents called us lazy and counted down the days until the last day of school. Now it’s basically here and I wish it would slow down. I’m just now realizing how fast time has gone writing these blogs, and it’s kind of sad. At the same time I’m not because I know there are only better things ahead. This year has been so different than the other three. From the very beginning, everyone gave up on the cliques and all became one big group of friends. My group of friends now consists of about 3 different groups, but we are all friends and I love it. This year is the last for everything that has to do with high school. For homecoming and football games we would say “Aw this is the last one”, but it’s just now setting in. We’ve had our last pep rally, last mass, last precalc class, and last research papers. This year has been all about having fun. We have all had the mentality that enjoying this last year is much more important than spending a million hours studying like last year. However, we did have to get serious about one thing… COLLEGE. I started all my visits this year and stressing about whether or not I would get in to my top school. After I did, all the stress was relieved and I FULLY gave in to senioritis. Every event and special occasion has been so fun because everyone is friends now. It’s just going to be 10 times better for the last things we have left: prom and senior week! Somehow we have 45 people in our group for pictures and riding our bus. This year has been so much fun and I need to go enjoy my last 10 minutes of my last lunch at St. Mark’s!  AAAHHH!

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